Accord Energy Solutions has a dedicated and experienced team of measurement specialists in the Southern North Sea area to provide immediate support to clients operating from East Anglia and the South.

With the ability to provide assistance on the ‘doorstep’, our highly skilled Southern North Sea Team has expertise in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Providing technical support for measurement technicians at installations
  • Developing and reviewing measurement system maintenance regimes and assisting 
with applications for relaxation
  • Developing and revising procedures for measurement maintenance and verification activities
  • Supporting onshore and offshore personnel in routine operations and providing expert advice where necessary
  • Reviewing measurement systems and identifying and resolving measurement issues
  • Monitoring metering production data and identifying measurement data issues (data validation)
  • Conducting measurement system audits, reviewing reports and recommending 
actions to resolve findings
  • Managing mismeasurements from identification to resolution
  • Providing support to projects involving flow measurement from conceptual design through to first gas
  • Providing assistance to commercial teams when negotiating agreements
  • Attending Factory Acceptance Tests and Site Acceptance Tests
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies such as DECC and Pipeline Operators

“Accord’s Southern North Sea Team, with its experienced members, provides a significant service to some of the key operating companies associated with the Southern North Sea; backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience having been actively involved in or associated with the original design, installation and operation of many of the measurement facilities in the area.”
David Beecroft, Principal Measurement Consultant